Radiant Rugs-Using color to liven up a room

Nothing looks worse than a room without a rug. Well, not really. There are plenty of things that are worst than not having the right rug; but not having the right rug, or a rug at all can make your room look incomplete. It's like walking outside without shoes on. Something about that just ain't right. SO what do we do? Decor for your floors is a MUST!!! Not only are rugs an essential part of defining a space, they also create a unified and unique home from the ground up.

Neutral rugs

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Now while we love neutral colors at The Furniture Loft, we are not afraid of color. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your floors! Use bold and saturated colors in fun patterns for a lively touch to any room. Tie the entire look together by  making sure your accessories and decor pieces have splashes of the colors represented in your rug. This will give your room a cohesive look.

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Strike a stylish pose with these striking area rugs! Perfectly playful and patterned, there’s no question these rugs will please. Patterns are your friend. When you visit The Furniture Loft, be sure to ask a store associate to view our entire selection of area rugs.
Bold colored rugs
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