Small Space Living-Big on Style

For many urban dweller's sprucing up your space can seem like a daunting task.  Space is limited so the amount of furniture you can accommodate leaves you with few options. Just because your living quarters is small, doesn't mean you have to skimp on style. Whether you find yourself in a 1 bedroom apartment or a studio, there are so many creative ways you can beautiful your space to make it warm, inviting and functional.
Wolford Day bed


Full Size Daybed     |     CM1927
Available in Black or White. $520.00
The Wolford Daybed provides you with double duty functionality. You get a bed, a couch and additional storage all in one piece. In the daytime, dress up the bed with a comfy quilt, plush accent pillows and a plush throw. At nighttime, simply roll back the covers and enjoy the peace and tranquility of comfort.  The bottom drawers serve in place of a nightstand; housing books, eyeglasses or even a late night snack. Finish off the look with a shaggy rug the perfect piece of art and a hanging floor lamp for added light.


Daybed w/ Trundle     |     CM1027
Available in Beige, Lime, Teal, Brown, Grey. $799.00
We simply love the look of creating comfortable and inviting spaces despite the lack of square footage. Get this bed and others like it at The Furniture Loft.