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Our Mattress Center Serving Decatur: Get a Better Night’s Sleep for MUCH Less!

queen mattress sets Decatur, GAIf your mattress is leaving you still tired and sore, DO something about it! Our expanded mattress center serves thrifty Decatur households like yours with a wide array of options. Your ideal mattress depends on many things, such as your preferred sleep position, whether you move around a lot in your sleep, if you generate a lot of body heat during the night, and of course if you prefer a soft or firm top. Let our friendly and knowledgeable staff know these four factors. We’ll show you the mattresses with just the right firmness for you! The right mattress will add years to your life. Your body needs 7-9 hours of sleep a night to rebuild from the day’s activity. That not only means peak performance the next day but optimal long-term health. And when you shop smart by buying your new hybrid mattress from The Furniture Loft by noon, you can feel the difference that night!

Superb Discount Mattresses for Comfort and Health

The Furniture Loft carries discount innerspring and foam mattresses ideal for a guest room or twin-size kids’ bed. These use updated classic spring technology with perfectly calibrated steel coils, or firm but relaxing foam, for body support and a comfortable night “ride.”

High-End Mattresses: The Perfect Combo of Coils and Foam

When you require an advanced hybrid mattress, The Furniture Loft is here presenting you with a myriad of options depending on your needs. Even hard-to-please side sleepers find a ready answer on our showroom floor. Pocketed coils atop a firm foam core do the lifting while a layer of memory foam fits your sleeping body’s shape exactly. Perfect your mattress experience with your choice of soft mattress topper such as Euro or pillowtop.

Perfection in Motion: Our Adjustable Beds

Now you don’t have to imagine how much better you’ll sleep when you can elevate your feet. Thanks to our mattress center’s awesome selection of power adjustable beds, you can feel the difference for yourself. One of our best-selling adjustable beds combines the deep support and soft surface of memory foam not only with motion but massage! This adjustable bed comes with a wireless remote that lights up in the dark.

Literally rest easy knowing you saved BIG at our mattress center serving Decatur, GA! See you soon.

Named after Stephen Decatur, a 19th century U.S. Naval hero, Decatur retains a strong connection to its history, while preparing for the future with managed growth and responsible development. 

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