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Our Improved Mattress Center: Still First-Class for Mattress Deals and Friendly Service

mattress center Ellenwood, GAYou need to replace your mattress every decade, more often if you have allergies. Have other mattresses let you down? Check out The Furniture Loft’s expanded mattress center, becoming Ellenwood’s go-to destination for sleep solutions! Unlike the big-boxes, our local, knowledgeable staff listen to you. Tell us whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, for instance. Our new mattresses’ temperature-control airflow and other amenities are here to change your life forever for the better! We’ll have NO problem finding you a sturdy queen mattress or any other size, at price points from basic innerspring to the state of the art in gel foam and pocketed coils. And if it’s not on our floor, we’ll order it!

Fantastic Mattress Solutions

Our improved mattress center, an entire area of our store, has a sleep solution for every need and at every price point. Our entry-level mattress is the trusty innerspring model, perfecting technology in use for a century. Today’s coils are perfectly calibrated to take over your body’s support from your aching muscles so you can REST! Each innerspring mattress has a soft comfort layer atop all that firm support to improve your sleep. The doctors say you need 7-9 hours of sleep a night; maybe you need still more. Count on our hybrid memory foam mattresses to make your night ride the smoothest ever. Even hard-to-please side sleepers find something with the support they need at our mattress store. Let us know you preferred sleeping position and we WILL find you a matching mattress!

Comfortable Adjustable Bases

And once you’ve picked out your king mattress or queen mattress, don’t forget to have a look at our amazing adjustable bed bases to make your night’s rest the absolute best. Our power adjustable beds are also great for late-night reading and snacking if you like. Sit up while enjoying complete back support, or raise your feet when you’re really ready to retire for the night. It’s all made simple with the touch of the controls.

You won’t believe these awesome mattress bargains until you visit our mattress store serving Ellenwood, GA and try some out for yourself! See you soon.

Ellenwood offers the best of southern living and metropolitan lifestyles. Located in northwest Georgia between Dekalb, Clayton, Henry and Rockdale county, Ellenwood is a diverse community and a growing part of metro Atlanta.

County Line-Ellenwood, DeKalb County Public Library