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Our Awesome, Improved Mattress Store Has YOUR Sleep Solution!

Chances are your mattress is subpar, leaving you tired and sore the next morning. Now you can DO something about it. The Furniture Loft has revamped its mattress store so YOU can get some relief, at last! The average person spends 26 years asleep in a lifetime. Want to make the most of them? The Furniture Loft carries mattress solutions in every size and firmness. No matter if you’re a side, back or stomach sleeper, you and a partner will wake up refreshed for a change, with peak performance the next day! The experts say to replace your mattress every 10 years. The Furniture Loft’s state-of-the-art sleep center makes this a GREAT opportunity to improve your quality of life and help you live longer! And it only gets better. Shop SMART for your mattress solution with us and you’ll rest especially easy because you’ll save a TON! Here are Locust Grove’s favorite ways we get you that good night’s rest, every time.

Fantastic Innerspring Mattresses

For your most economical solution there are our entry-level innerspring mattresses. These firm twin mattresses are most convenient for a kids’ bunk bed set or guest room. Our selection of innerspring mattresses has perfected classic spring technology employing high-grade steel coils to take over your sleeping body’s support from your overworked muscles. Treat your body to a mini-vacation while your frazzled mind recharges overnight through REM sleep, in which you dream! This is made easier thanks to a soft top layer to give you that cloud-like feeling as the day’s stresses slip away.

Superb Hybrid Foam Mattresses

Locust Grove is in LOVE with queen mattresses so we keep a big number of outstanding queen hybrid mattresses in stock. Trust your body’s support to 15-gauge steel pocketed coils, the industry ideal. These are on top of a tough foam core and are surrounded by several layers of support foam. These are doing all the hard work as inches of relaxing memory foam cradle your sleeping frame by fitting its contours EXACTLY. Add a comforting mattress topper such as Euro or pillowtop and you’ll have the best mattress “ride” of your life!

Our ongoing mattress sale has YOUR solution. Check out your awesome choices at our mattress store serving Locust Grove, GA!