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Mattress Store Madison, GA
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Our Mattress Center Serves Madison with Sleep Solutions at Closeout Prices!

twin mattresses Madison, GAThe experts say you need 7-9 hours of sleep a night to be on top of your game the next day AND for better health in the long haul. Your well-being is TOO important to be left to a sagging, subpar mattress. If inferior brands have left YOU tired and sore the next morning, move up to the marvelous mattress center offerings that The Furniture Loft literally affords you. An expanded, dedicated part of our sales floor is here to match you to your ideal mattress, maybe for your first time. Try some out. Let our knowledgeable staff know what your mattress issues are – such as your preferred sleep position – and we’ll steer you in the right direction. Once you’ve felt one of our state-of-the-art mattresses you’ll wonder how you EVER got along without it!

Amazing Mattress Deals

Our mattress center serves the Madison area with closeout prices on high-end sleep solutions such as gel foam hybrid mattresses. These surround a strong foam core and hundreds of pocketed coils with layers of support foam and – best of all – a layer of memory foam fitting itself exactly to your sleeping body, and your choice of soft mattress topper, such as Euro or pillowtop. Some of our mattresses have extra smaller coils around the edges so they don’t sag when you sit on them. If you need a lower price there are our entry-level innerspring mattresses giving reliable support so your aching body and frazzled brain can BOTH recharge and repair. It’s a science fact: the deepest sleep in which you dream is the most healing.

The Coolest Adjustable Bases

When you’ve found your ideal innerspring or hybrid mattress, now it’s time to have a look at our mattress center’s selection of adjustable bases to customize your bed to the max. These wonders make it easy to relax. Sit up with full back support for some late-night TV or snacking. Then you’re really ready to go down for the night, raise your feet way up and feel the day’s stress float away. It’s all so easy with our king and queen power adjustable bases, where relief is as simple as the turn of a knob.

Find out what YOU’VE been missing at our awesome, improved mattress center serving Madison, GA with extraordinary deals!

Visitors to the City of Madison are often initially struck by the same things - the clean streets, the myriad beds of seasonal flowers, and the picturesque residences lining historic streets surrounding the charming downtown area.

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