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The ULTIMATE Mattress Center Products and Deals for Oxford, Georgia!

twin mattresses Oxford, GAIf you’re STILL waking up tired and sore, The Furniture Loft has awesome news for you: our mattress center has expanded to offer you even BETTER sleep solutions but ALWAYS at closeout prices! We are the Oxford area’s go-to for all things mattress. And once you have one of our lab-perfected sleep solutions on YOUR bed you’ll understand why. Even our lowest price point, classic innerspring twin mattresses, incorporate modern advances in the high-gauge steel coils so you FINALLY get those 7-9 hours of nightly shuteye the doctors say you need to perform at your best the next day.

Fantastic Innerspring Mattress Options

Change your house’s mattresses every 10 years economically thanks to our tried-and-true innerspring mattress selections available for ANY size bed. These new steel-coil mattresses incorporate a top comfort layer while deep down the hourglass or offset coils do the heavy lifting, giving your muscles a break. The day’s stress fades away and you can get that healing sleep your aching body and frazzled mind have been begging for. Always be on top of your game thanks to nights on these first-class mattresses!

Phenomenal Gel Hybrid Mattresses for All Sleep Styles

full mattress Oxford, GANo matter if you prefer to sleep on your back, stomach, or side, The Furniture Loft’s selection of phenomenal gel hybrid mattresses gives you the smooth “ride” you need. Memory foam has come a LONG way since its start as crash cushioning for the space program. Our foam-topped luxury mattresses fit themselves around your reclining body perfectly! Plus they “breathe” so airflow and temperature control are never an issue. And this incredible gel-infused foam reduces motion disturbance so you don’t have to worry about disturbing a partner if you have to get up. Extra coils around the edge mean you can sit on this mattress without it sagging!

Cool Adjustable Bed Bases for Extra Comfort

If you’re already sold on getting a great new king mattress, for example, check out The Furniture Loft’s amazing selection of adjustable bed bases to make your nights even more restful, from sitting up to eat in bed or watch TV to really relaxing by raising your legs and feet. All of this moving about is effortless thanks to the touch of a switch!

Let’s get started on finding your ideal mattress at our store serving Oxford, GA.

Oxford a quiet community, 35 miles from Atlanta. Oxford residents delight in our history, our forests, trails, and wide boulevards, our homes, churches, and schools.