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Our Awesome Mattress Center: The Ultimate Sleep Solutions for Social Circle!

twin mattresses social circle, GAGreat news, Social Circle: The Furniture Loft has upgraded its mattress center! Now at last you can have the wonderful night’s rest you’ve only heard about. Literally add years to your life with the right mattress for you. Plus, refreshed and healed after 7-9 hours of nightly Zs, you’re ALWAYS on top of your game the next day. Better still, we get you the queen mattresses and more that you seek at closeout prices! That’s why The Furniture Loft has become Social Circle’s go-to for all things mattress.

Fantastic Innerspring Mattress Savings

Take your pick of classic innerspring mattresses available in all sizes from twin to king at The Furniture Loft. Whether you prefer the feel of quality-gauge steel coils working in unison or independently, our traditional mattresses take over your sleeping body’s full support from your sore muscles so they can take a much-deserved break. Our innerspring mattresses also feature a comfort layer on top. That way while you’re getting the benefit of the firm coils, you enjoy that feeling of the day’s tensions just melting away.

Luxurious Hybrid Mattresses for Optimal Health

king mattresses Social Circle, GAOur array of hybrid mattresses incorporating the best in pocketed coils, support foam, and your choice of mattress topper must be felt to be believed! These lab-perfected sleep solutions employ a solid foam core and the state of the art in spring technology to give your body the support it needs no matter if you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper. Let our friendly and knowledgeable staff know your preferred position and we’ll direct you to the mattress with just the right firmness. Our hybrid mattresses also feature foam that maximizes airflow for perfect temperature control plus minimized motion disturbance for you and a partner.

Power Adjustable Bed Bases for Maximum Comfort

When you’ve chosen your new mattress, create the best bed for you thanks to one of our power adjustable bases. At last you can comfortably sit up in bed, fully supported, to watch TV or surf some more social media before you conk out for the night. And when you’re really ready to relax, just raise your legs and feet effortless at the touch of the controls.

Your ideal night ride awaits on a perfect mattress from The Furniture Loft! Check out our new mattress center serving Social Circle, GA, where you buy by noon and sleep on it tonight! 

Social Circle is a historic community in Walton County located some 40 miles east of Atlanta in the Historic Heartland section of Georgia. Established in 1818, Walton County is named for George Walton, one of the original signers of America's Declaration of Independence.

Historic Preservation Society of Social Circle