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Our State-of-the-Art Mattress Center: At Last, Stonecrest Can Get a Good Night’s Rest!

queen bedroom sets Stonecrest, GAFantastic news for tired and sore Stonecrest mattress shoppers: The Furniture Loft, the area’s premier discount furniture source, has EXPANDED its mattress center to offer you more and better deals on state-of-the-art sleep solutions! The experts say you need to change your mattress every 10 years, so make the most of it. This is your big opportunity to improve your daily performance and add years to your life through better long-term health. You require a mattress on which you can sleep undisturbed for 7-9 hours a night. Not only will your aching muscles rebuild. Your mind sinks into rapid-eye-movement sleep, the deepest, most healing kind in which you dream! Even if you don’t remember the dreams after awakening, your awareness and clarity of thought will be so much sharper. The Furniture Loft’s mattress center makes it easy!

Soothing Hybrid Mattresses at Extraordinary Savings

One of our most popular coil/foam hybrid mattresses comes from a leading brand and is a comforting 12 inches thick. You get 805 power-packed pocketed coils, the most advanced kind, and high-density foam for the firmness that side and stomach sleepers especially need. Gel in the memory foam reduces motion disturbance for you and a partner while especially supporting your back’s crucial lumbar region. Ask about our easy and fun “mattress in a box” options. We deliver it, you open the box and just unwrap and unroll your new mattress onto your bed.

Relaxing Adjustable Bed Bases

And when you’ve picked out your ideal firmness for your mattress, you’ll have SO much money left over, why stop there? If you’ve had trouble falling asleep, check out The Furniture Loft’s assortment of adjustable bed bases, both discount manual ones and luxurious power adjustable beds. At last you can sit up comfortably in bed if you want to snack or catch some late-night TV. And oh, the feeling when you can raise your legs. You’ll wonder how you got along without it. Our highest-end adjustable bed even has massage!

Upgrade YOUR mattress affordably at our center serving Stonecrest, GA. Buy by noon and sleep on it tonight!

Stonecrest, Georgia, DeKalb’s newest and largest city, in terms of population, is located on the southeast corridor of the county. The city’s 30 square miles encompasses areas such as the business and residential tracts of Panola Road and its adjacent industrial park, Evans Mill Road and the entire Mall of Stonecrest area.

City of Stonecrest, GA